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Blockchain Banking Solution for Cannabis Businesses


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Generate External Invoices

With our awesome invoice templates, you can instantly generate invoices for your clients to bill them online. Ability to download PDF invoices. With this, you can bill your client through our invoices.

Suitable For Every Business

To use Budd payment gateway, you do not need to have any certificate or special skill. Your knowledge of how cryptocurrency works are suffcient. What you need is just your Budd merchant account and integrate the payment solution in your website.

Easy & Fast Transactions

All the transactions are carried out on a peer to peer basis. Once you initiate the transactions, it will be completed within 10-15 seconds. It is also fast and secured. Along with cryptocurrencies, NFT tokens and apps are also grabbing the attention of traders and investors. With the popularity of NFT tokens, NFT apps are also increasing. Choosing the best nft apps can help traders to increase their chances of making profits.

The Budd Banking Solution to the Cannabis Industry

The Blockchain technology provides a medium for regulating the purchase, sale, and dispensation of cannabis as it offers an invariable ledger that greases on the crypto-tokens developed on the smart contracts. The Budd transaction will be instant and secured with our state-of-art cryptography. Equally, the integrity of the Blockchain will be achieved and premised on the efficient and resistant proof of work by ASIC.

This vital model enables us to fill several processes and operational gaps for the Canadian cannabis industry. The use of the Blockchain cryptocurrency technology is the next logical step in the growth and development and of Budd’s platform. This is because it allows the event of a structure that solves many of the problems that surround the sales, purchases, and logistics of the cannabis industry.

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Budd Wallet

The sending of BUDD token is convenient and easy with the Budd Wallet. We also plan to unveil the Budd Mobile app for our android and IOS. In our upcoming releases, the developer and technical team will develop other mobile platforms.

Specifically built on a total secure code of the blockchain, the Budd Wallet is developed to oversee a more secure and quicker crypto transaction among the budd community within seconds. Moreover, the Budd wallet is well configured to ensure a user-friendly interface.

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Our Mission

Budd attempts to pull the Canadian cannabis industry from the marginalized to the mainstream network by incorporating Blockchain into the components of the cannabis community. We have our strengths in the unique cannabis and Blockchain connection through the use of smart contracts. As we believe in the benefits and potentials of marijuana, we also believe in the technology of Blockchain.

As we move closer to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we think that more and more uses of cannabis are coming to the forefronts of the Canadian economy, and we want to celebrate the process and development.

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The Budd Token Ecosystem

Amazon of Weed

Creating an entire ecosystem around our token

Custom Products

Budd branded products to fuel the ecosystem.

Licensed Producer

To supply a growing global demand for Cannabis.

Blockchain Banking

Creating a banking solution for the Cannabis industry worldwide.

Lab testing

Making it easier to find and authenticate testing.


Verification, Pickup, Address Verification and dropoff solutions.

Controlled Reserve Fund
Crowdsale Stage 1
Crowdsale Stage 2
Community Reserve Fund


CrowdSale & Token

The Budd crowdsale and the corresponding process of token creation will be issued by Budd, a Canadian-based cannabis company, and will be organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to support the development of Budd Project can do so by sending BuddToken to the designated address. By doing so, they are purchasing BuddTokens and which will be sent instantly to their wallet.

  • The accepted currency during the ICO is ETH and BTC.
  • The creation will be capped (“Soft Cap”) upon receipt of ETH and BTC equivalent to 10m. this amount is subject to change before the Token Creation event.
  • The Token Creation period will last 16 days, if Soft Cap is not reached sooner.
  • If the Soft Cap is reached before the end of 16 days, additional contributions will be accepted for 120 hours in case some contributors missed the very short window for BuddToken creation.
  • Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale will be burned automatically by the smart contract.

Pre-ICO Sale

25 million tokens will be sold as part of a pre-sale event, beginning June 4th, 2018 and running through June 25th, 2018 or upon achieving the 10m sales cap: whichever occurs first.

ICO Sale

During the primary ICO sale, 75 million BuddTokens will be made available. In addition to BuddTokens, you will also get the opportunity to buy Monero, an open-source, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. It is predicted that the benefit of having Monero may get even stronger in the future. To find where to buy Monero currency, check out the wo kann ich Monero kaufen blog and purchase it right away. The ICO is set to begin June 25, 2018 and will run through to July 30th, 2018 or until the hard cap has been reached. The hard cap which will be defined in BTC and ETH terms as the date approaches, will be 50 million.

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Road Map

The Team

A visionary in the Cryptocurrency space, Paresh has been the driving force behind the Budd Token project. A small business owner and entrepreneur by profession, Paresh bring his knowledge and experience to the cannabis and blockchain industry. In the course of a few years, Paresh bult a following of tens of thousands of followers who believed in his project to finally solve the banking solution for the Cannabis industry through blockchain technology.

Paresh Khatri


Toronto, Ontario

Advise various crypto issuers spanning multiple verticals (Internet properties, financial services, cannabis, MSBs) and jurisdictions (US, Canada, UK, Russia). Advise various regulated crypto exchanges in setting them up around the world

Jack Bensimon


Toronto, Ontario

Experienced private and public company CFO and financial leader in the cannabis sector. Recently led an RTO on the CSE with a market cap of over $250M, raising close to $50M of public and private financing. Former Head of Accounting at Blackberry. Earned his CPA, CA while at Ernst & Young.

Jeremy Blumer


Toronto, Ontario

With 11 years of experience helping startups find their voice and attract the right audience, Vick brings a wealth of experience to our Budd Token project. Trained as a commercial pilot, Vick applies the methodical approach from flight training to every project he takes on. Specializing in rapid growth, Vick has taken several startups in the #FinTech space to multi-million dollar top-line revenues annually.

Vick Kohli


Orange County, California

By virtue of my growth in the areas of sales, finance and business development, I am able to drive progress and change through my network of international contacts, business relationships, and a continuous awareness of changes to ACPMR/MMPR/MMAR legislation in Canada.

Navi Grewal


Toronto, Ontario

Development, Marketing and Legal

Elias Stamatopoulos


Toronto, Ontario

Larry Cameron

Zach Parker

Florida, USA

Budd Seeto

Welcome to the new class of experienced business and legal consultants who will help you through the maze of cryptocurrencies, ICOs and legal compliance on a global scale.

David Meszaros

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Strategic Advisors

Her education spans business, law, psychology, and economics. She obtained her education in the USA MALD in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University, Boston and a Visiting Doctoral Scholarship at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration-, and in Switzerland – a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies at the University of Geneva

Liora Katzenstein


I advise corporations and entrepreneurs on strategies needed to take advantage of digital media tools and online opportunities that drive growth and profits. A current focus is blockchain, a technology that will disrupt most traditional business. Advising enterprise on ICO, e-commerce, martech, new media, and the future of marketing.

Warren Whitlock



As the COO at Krypt.ly it is my responsibility to keep an overview on the general operation of the company. I take the lead in all social media, ICO-related subjects and the Krypt.onomy community division. Our goal is ‘Redefining value’ and making cryptocurrency available and acceptable for everybody.

Stephan De Haes

ICO Bench


Comprehensive Blockchain Consulting

Anupam Varshney

ICO Bench


 ICO Africa Development | Fintech & Blockchain Analyst| ICO advisor |Chief Operations Officer Africa at RitOffer

Khaya Maloney

ICO Specialist


Highly qualified, talented, tenacious, and well-accomplished professional with 5 years+’ experience armed with broad-based background and skills as an ICO Advisor, director of operation, marketing director, investment analyst, IT professional, Healthcare professional, customer service, strategic planning, training, and team building initiatives.

Nitin Malhotra

ICO Bench

Washington, USA

Recent graduate of Tilburg University Master Strategic Management (track Consultancy) with work experience in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Proficient in the fields of management, marketing research and sales with an international scope. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business (Strategic Management) at Zuyd University, Maastricht and participated in a study exchange in Madrid, Spain. Interested in blockchain applications, ICO analysis and investing, sustainability, innovation, automation and organization & production efficiency.

Bas Geelen

ICO Bench


I have been working as an advisory board member for several other successful ICO launches who have achieved their ICO targets, to help with marketing, media, PR and strategy.

Zahid Imran

ICO Advisorr


Passion driven, determined, easy to approach, tech savvy, result driven individual

Munachi Ogueke

ICO Advisor


I’m a passionate backer of new-age companies trying to solve significant problems in variousindustries. Being an ardent supporter of Blockchain, I believe in maintaining clarity and transparency.

Vibor Jain

ICO Advisor


Investment Professional at Maritime Finance Company

Bhavik Khatri

Maritime Finance Company

Florida, USA

Member of Advisory Board en Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force

Octavio Padilla

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force

Mexico City, Mexico

Li XiangJun

Blockchain/Fintech Trainer

San Francisco, California

Antuanette is an International Speaker on Business Development, Women’s Sexual Health, and the budding Cannabis Industry. She is the current Director of Canada at Woman Grow and mentors many startups in the emerging cannabis space in Canada within the legal framework.

Antunette Gomez

Women in Cannabis

Toronto, Ontario

Crypto Currency and Cannabis Equity Trader, and Marketeer; Film Maker, and Artist

Rene Buttery

Film in Cannabis

Toronto, Ontario

Nick Durbin

Jeremy Thacker

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