Licensed Producer

Licensed Producer With State-of-the-art And Modern Cannabis Growing Facilities

From the proceeds of the ICO sale, we plan using about 30% of the funds to construct the most significant cannabis growing and production facility in the world. Initially, we will obtain grower’s license from the Canadian authority for growing, processing, producing, export, and sale of Cannabis and its many derivatives. Through the use of funds, we will acquire the needed state-of-the-art facilities needed for cannabis production. Our production will be located in Canada, a country with untouched, vast natural resources and ideal for the cultivation of cannabis.

The Country also has a rich history of a friendly-trading system with other nations of the world; particularly with the US, Europe, China, Singapore, and South Korea. This will ensure that Buddtoken has unprecedented access to already-established cannabis markets with affordable, yet high-quality cannabis products. Until the past few years, the choice of attractive and suitable commodities investors could benefit from has been limited starkly. Budd is about to change this scenario. The Ethereum Blockchain creates many opportunities for any investor who is keen to invest in Cannabis. The simple purchase of marijuana with buddtoken will guarantee interested business to participate in this great adventure; from your very first step. We are not here to make a statement; We are here to introduce an innovative, blockchain-based approach to the Marijuana space.

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