Our Mission

Budd attempts to pull the Canadian cannabis industry from the marginalized to the mainstream network by incorporating Blockchain into the components of the cannabis community. We have our strengths in the unique cannabis and Blockchain connection through the use of smart contracts. As we believe in the benefits and potentials of marijuana, we also believe in the technology of Blockchain. As we move closer to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we think that more and more uses of cannabis are coming to the forefronts of the Canadian economy, and we want to celebrate the process and development.

We believe that cannabis is beneficial to us as a nation and to all individuals. We are out to contribute our part in making the marijuana cryptocurrency open and decentralized financial network and the opportunities that will bring about more innovation, efficiency, and equality of prospect in Canada in the Cannabis business. The mission of Budd is to create an open financial system for marijuana companies in Canada.

We will deal with the customization of this cryptocurrency such that it could be exchanged among people in business and people trading in the product. Our mission is to give Canadian consumers options to pay for their cannabis from new retail stores and online. Therefore, we are committed to moving forward in a legal, responsible, and ethical way.

The Budd Banking Solution to the Cannabis Industry

To move the global cannabis industry out of the investment speculators, and the traditional banking services, the general cannabis industry requires a crypto-banking facility built on the smart contracts Blockchain by Budd. Only if we can purchase cannabis in the same way we buy all other commodities or goods, then a push towards the crypto-cannabis revolution will be realizable. Therefore, a crypto-bank developed for cannabis-related business where our participating merchants will send, receive, exchange, have access to loans and convert cryptocurrencies into their local fiat currencies will be set up by Budd.

Since the current cannabis legislation restricts the extent of banking activities related to cannabis, it is, therefore, essential to creating a cannabis-banking platform for the pot enthusiasts. Indeed, this will increase the speed of payments among and within the Budd community, remove national and international boundaries, and provide lower transaction costs. We will provide an innovative banking platform with instantaneous exchange and transfer of all cryptocoins for the growers, producers, consumers, lab scientists, dispensers, and other important players in the marijuana world.

All-in-one Catalog; Amazon Of Weed Growers And Producers

Because of the growing demands for cannabis, we plan to adopt the Amazon-style of delivering services where the whole cannabis producers will be put into a single Blockchain network. By embedding all the producers into our database through the harsh coding, all the direct links to the products by all the marijuana producers will be available on Budd platform. Through this, a smart ledger system will be created between the consumer when a product is ordered and Budd upon the confirmation of the product delivery.

Through the Budd AI algorithms, we automatically look for the best deals for our customers only at a discount price when making purchases with the Budd token. Through the unique technical parameters of online shopping, up to 1000 products searched by our customers would be made available and related products would be suggested. The average processing time for each search is 10 seconds with an affordable cost for each transaction.

These unique features of Budd are achieved via a new algorithm for processing and saving transactions, registry operation, and finding product consensus that meets user demands.

Customized Budd Products

A trademark production of vapes, clothing line, bongs, and the paper line is the key to long-term growth for a sustainable crypto-cannabis like Budd. For that reason, Budd budget is appropriately allocated to ensure that Budd has several trademark products to meet the emerging crypto-cannabis industry while operating under the new Canadian legislation for cannabis. There are considerable costs involved in combining all of these factors such as: achieving all the necessary conditions to work in multiple markets, building legal teams as well as legal fees and the costs attached to a vape and clothing line production.

These Operating expenses are used to ensure that project operations of the Budd vape production unit are smoothly running. We will focus our resource on improving operation process as well as hire operation management experts. The contribution will include direct selling costs to our participating merchants and pot enthusiasts, including direct calls and personal meetings.

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